NB: The Open Call is passed and the residency is in progress.

The INKUBATOR invites to BODY OCCUPATION, a Research Residency @ DADA POST Berlin.

In support of Berlin’s effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, and for the health and well-being of our visitors and staff, (Kunstraum) Dada Post has closed its exhibition spaces for the time being. The Inkubator Collective supports this, and we hope to be able to host our next program in August. BODY OCCUPATION is the theoretical focus of the Inkubator Residency @ Dada Post Berlin 2020.

There is an urgency and opportunity to develop new artistic strategies to understand the individual and the whole. New experiences of collectivism, social practices and the political and existential revolt against oppressive structures, practices and institutions, high light the need for collective researches on how to co-exist as bodies in society. How do we relate to each other during pandemics? How do we become anti-racist? How do solidaric collectives change ways of understanding the individual? How does performance strategies allow new ideas of agency and power? What rituals promote new sense of selves and connectivity? How do we create movements? What is a body?

the Inkubator Residency is: A part of Dada Post 2020.
Dada Post is artist-run organization, an autonomous space for the production, display and discussion of current art, founded in January 2008
Inkubator Collective and – Residency joined in 2019, with a fluid group of international artists, developing a series exhibitions, studio practices and performances, focusing on the work in development. We wanna extend that project into 2020 by inviting new participants to cocreate this years research focus

  • a shared project space for collective practices
  • a space for creation, experimentation and collective thinking
  • a group show at the end of the residency curated by the participants and Berlin based curator Brunno Silva
  • a curated series of events with performances by Oozing Gloop

The residency is a series of meetings and events scattered over a two months period ending in a group show, but is most importantly: the opportunity to create spontaneous collaborations and art works with the other participants at Dada Post. The gallery will be open for the participants every weekend during the residency period from 10/08 to 20/10 2020. We invite participants from all fields to create methods of research with us. This is DIY residency building: with opportunities to work in the gallery space, do meetings, exhibitions and performances, in a supportive environment. We like to hang out.

please send us whatever you like.

we welcome proposals for art work, performances, lectures and research ideas. We want to create exhibition and work opportunity for every person with interest to develop their investigation. There is no limit of age, nationality or medium. please include in an email info@inkubatorcollective.com, by the 30th of june.
Please answer the question:
How do you move?

We hope to create a network of communal support, that share research, process and exhibition-opportunity with each other, and hope you will apply with openness to collaboration and experimentation.
We offer a space and a community excited to share and create connections and work.
The residency is hosted by Dada Post Berlin and the Inkubator Collective, and features art by Oozing Gloop, Francesco Petrucelli, Svenja Wolff, Esben Holk, Carlos Alvarez, Francisca Marquez, Ingeborg Wie and more TBA, and will be curated by Brunno Silva. Special thank you to Howard McCaleb from Dada Post for access to the space and creative support.

A jury composed by the Inkubator Collective, Howard McCalebb and Brunno Silva will select the participants to Body Occupation and communicate the decision to the applicants by the 10/07-2020.